Welcome to riceboyler.com!

You've reached the online home of Jason Clark (aka riceboyler) and my personal web site. I wear many different hats and have a few different titles:

  • Son (to two sets of parents)
  • Husband (to one, only one (Zoni))
  • Father (to three (Owen, Zander, Lauralynn))
  • Front-End Web Lead (for Chatbooks)
  • Freelance Web Developer for Hidden Ocean
  • Occasional Open Source Contributor
  • Boost Junkie (because I love turbocharged cars)
  • Boomer. Yeah. Kids...

Plans for this site

Like most full-time employed web developers, my personal site always seems to come last. It was the same when I was a car audio installer, my car was always the worst looking install (though I did make it sound good!).

Initially, I'll work on the responsive side of things, as I know this isn't mobile friendly yet. Then, I'll probably only get the Resume/CV page built, because I plan to use this as a bit of a portfolio in and of itself. Eventually, I'll add a blog, a portfolio, a contact page, my car history, and the pretty crazy story of my finding my biological family.

How It's Made ©

I used a bunch of modern technology (as of late 2021, updating in late 2023) to build this site. Here goes:

  • Next.js - a React based application platform that is absolutely KILLER for building websites and apps.
  • TypeScript - I used to hate it. Now I don't know how to ever go back to plain JavaScript again!
  • Chakra UI - a library for building UI components with a focus on accessibility and performance.

    Some thoughts about UI Libraries (click to expand)

  • Vercel - I figure if they're good enough to create Next.js, they're good enough to be the main host for Next.js apps.
  • ContentLayer (new for 2023) - Adding this to better deal with Markdown and MDX. ContentLayer converts Markdown and MDX files into JSON which can easily be queried. It's pretty slick.

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