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Jason Clark
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With over 20 years working on the web, I bring experience to building complex web software, where I love to work on UI/UX and front-end logic of sites. My objective is to be working with the best front-end frameworks in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to build killer web applications. Right now, I'm loving Next.js for building both Static and Server-Side rendered sites (with hydration), Chakra-UI as an absolutely incredible set of design components to start with and TypeScript for a strongish-typed JavaScript language.

Full-Time Experience

Chatbooks - Lehi, UT (Remote)

2/2021 - Present

Web Development Manager/Front-End Lead

Manage a team of 3 front-end developers. Migrate site and web application to NX monorepo using Next.js for both Static Site Generation and Server-Side Rendering. Implement custom component library utilizing ChakraUI and Framer Motion. Assist with implementation of custom API layer using TanStack Query to manage app state. Migrate hosting from AWS to Vercel for improved performance and reduced cost.

Tech used: Next.js | NX | ChakraUI | Framer Motion | Vercel | TanStack Query | Storybook | Cypress | Jotai | React Hook Form

TCN - St. George, UT

7/2019 - 1/2021

Senior Software Engineer

Created coherent Design System utilizing Figma for design mockups and demonstration of color schemes/typography. Implemented Design System via Material-UI theme which constrains available palette and typographical schemes. Mentored multiple junior engineers from the basics of JavaScript to assisting with complex React components. Started a series of workshops for sharing knowledge during Covid-19 restrictions. Implemented Cypress testing suite for E2E testing as we have no dedicated QA resources.

Tech used: React | TypeScript | Webpack | Figma | Cypress | MDX

CollegeVine - Cambridge, MA (100% remote capable)

4/2019 - 6/2019

Lead Front-End Engineer

Assumed responsibility for all front-end code for Education Finance/Guidance Startup. Stack included React, PureScript, Haskell and Python. Migrated shared component library from JavaScript to TypeScript to enforce consistent API. Created shared compnents to be be used in A/B tests for Catalyst Direct team, then moved to owning Marketing site and assets, preparing to move to a mobile-first architecture powered by Gatsby and NetlifyCMS

Reason for leaving: Massive company reorganization resulted in layoff

Tech used: React | TypeScript | PureScript | GatsbyJS | NetlifyCMS

PatientPing - Boston, MA

2/2018 - 4/2019

Lead Front-End Engineer

Responsible for all front-end code for Medical Technology Startup. Upgraded React, Redux, Webpack and other libraries to be up to date; created shared component library and component generator based on Neutrino. Functioned as team lead for front-end engineers, responsible for establishing best practices, design documents for larger features and mentoring other engineers. Added front-end unit testing using Jest and React Testing Library.

Reason for leaving: Moved to CollegeVine to allow for 100% remote work

Tech used: React | Redux | Webpack | NodeJS | Bit | Styled Components/Emotion

Cengage - Boston, MA

8/2016 - 1/2018

Engineering Manager

Responsible for growing Nucleus/World Languages Team from four software engineers to 3 agile teams totalling 16 engineers. Challenges faced and solved: backfilling our tech lead, lost due to attrition; interviewing and hiring new engineers of various levels; management of three separate workstreams (Reader, WebRTC-based AV Board and Discourse based Discussion Forum activities) with associated backlog management, estimations and projections. Assisted with architectural design and code reviews of React components and applications. Built proofs of concept for my team to take and enhance to full production.

Reason for leaving: Change in leadership led to my career path going in a different direction

Cengage - Boston, MA

5/2016 - 8/2016

Tech Lead

Responsible for contributions to existing backlog, developing React/Redux based components to revolutionize the user experience of the student learning path. Responsible for all code reviews, deployment planning, release management, continuous integration (via Jenkins) and delivery models and improved automation of these tasks.

Reason for leaving: Promoted to Engineering Manager

Tech used: React | Redux | Icebox | TokBox | Jenkins | Webpack

Cengage - Boston, MA

10/2015 - 5/2016

Software Engineer IV

Responsible for assisting with migration of item/activity builder components to React/Redux; developed Audio/Video Activity Board Proof of Concept utilizing TokBox with React, which is now being implemented by my current team; assisted Tech Lead with code reviews of offshore engineering assets and established coding standards and best practices documentation for team.

Reason for leaving: Promoted to Tech Lead

Tech used: React | Redux | Icebox | TokBox | Jenkins | Webpack

Tresta - Tallahassee, FL

7/2014 - 10/2015

Sr. Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer on a team developing a new Cloud Communications Platform (tresta.com). Responsible for everything from configuring NGINX to building Erlang applications for the RESTful API, Node.js middleware, a DurandalJS based front-end utilizing HTML5 and CSS3 generated by SASS. Responsible for migrating marketing site built in Jade templating engine into common codebase.

Reason for leaving: Needed advancement opportunities, wanted to leave Florida

Tech used: DurandalJS | NodeJS | Erlang | SASS

Avatar Software - Brentwood, TN

10/2012 - 7/2014

Sr. Software Consultant

Built software on several different projects, focusing on UI/UX by implementing JavaScript Frameworks (jQuery, Knockout, Durandal, Angular). Projects included a Healthcare Scheduling application, a DSM-V Psychological Evaluation application and an Administrative back-end for a local Colocation Center

Reason for leaving: Needed to leave Tennessee due to family issues (I continued as a remote consultant for Avatar for 16 months doing work after hours and on weekends)

Tech used: jQuery | Knockout | Durandal | Angular

Freelance Experience

Hidden Ocean - St. George, UT

6/2020 - Present

Front-end Developer

Initially reviewed existing Vue.js codebase with Python/Django API. Discussed and implemented migration to React with Hasura based GraphQL API using AWS Aurora Serverless. Continue to support as needed. Also implemented a Next.js based application using NetlifyCMS for content management. Next-based app never released to production.

Tech used: React | NextJS | NetlifyCMS | Hasura | AWS Aurora Serverless | GraphQL | Chart.js | React Table (now TanStack Table) | Material UI

Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA) - Goodlettsville, TN

1/2000 - 10/2021

Director of Web Services (Freelance)

Responsible for all web properties for MECA, including crankitup.net (previously), mecacaraudio.com and mecaevents.com. Migrated mecacaraudio.com through various iterations, now running on WordPress CMS with a custom theme. Built mecaevents.com initially in PHP, migrated through ASP.NET/C# WebAPI, Node/Express 4 against a MSSQL database (on AWS) with a React 16 web application. Migrated all properties from standard VPS based hosting to Azure and AWS for scalability. As of 6/2020, migrated from Express API with a MSSQL backend to GraphQL using Hasura and PostgreSQL to allow the site to be serverless. Currently migrating WordPress based main site to GatsbyJS due to security issues with WordPress.

Reason for leaving: Ownership change prompted retirement

Tech used: ASP.NET | C# | MSSQL | DotNetNuke | DurandalJS | NodeJS | Express | Hasura | PostgreSQL | React | WordPress | GatsbyJS | NetlifyCMS

Prinstantly - Boston, MA

11/2015 - 1/2017

Freelance Developer

Take over maintenance and expansion of existing PHP application built in the Laravel Framework. Added React.js components to existing application to enhance User Experience.

Reason for leaving: Company shutdown due to lack of funding

Tech used: Laravel | React | PHP | MySQL


Middle Tennessee State University - Murfreesboro, TN

1/1998 - 12/1999

Recording Industry Management (Engineering Track) (Seeking Bachelor of Science)

Did not complete degree as I had to work full-time to support my new family

Brigham Young University - Provo, UT

1/1993 - 5/1994

Computer Science, then Mass Communication (Seeking Bachelor of Science)

Spent more time figuring out who I was than actually going to classes. That education has been far more valuable to me than what I would have gained in General Education requirements.

Waynesboro High School - Waynesboro, VA

1988 - 1992

(Governor's Seal Diploma)

Completed enough credits to graduate by Junior Year

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