Welcome to the world of riceboyler!

September 11, 2022

I'm the dude on the far right. Yes, this is at a baseball game.

Well hello there! Welcome to the wacky, wonderful world of the riceboyler AKA Jason Clark. If you're here, you either:

  • Know me personally
  • Are related to me in some way
  • Are a friend of a friend
  • Like boosted (turbo, not stolen) cars
  • Are a glutton for punishment...

Feel free to fill in your own answer if none of those fit. I'm not here to judge.

What is this?

This is the 9th (if I can remember correctly) iteration of my personal blog. I've been blogging since about 2006, mostly about technical stuff, occasionally about personal stuff. I'll probably go through the Internet Archive and see if I can find some of the old stuff. I'm sure it's a treasure trove of gems.


Why not? I mean, everybody in the world seemingly has a voice on the internet now, so why not me too? Seriously though, I've been wanting to get back to writing on a relatively regular basis, and this is a good excuse to do that. Hopefully, I can actually generate some useful, helpful content and not just more mindless drivel.

What's the plan?

Well, I'm likely going to be splitting out categories based on a few different areas:

  • Personal/Family stuff
  • Technical stuff
  • Car stuff
  • Stuff

I'm sure I'll come up with more as time goes on, but those are the main ones I'm thinking about right now.

So, welcome to my blog and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. I'm always happy to hear from people. Thanks!

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